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What to know about your counseling appointment

RASC retirement counselors are accredited financial professionals who are here to help you navigate the retirement journey. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with a counselor, here's what you can expect before, during and after your session. 

Before your appointment
  • Our Retirement Counseling Team will send you an email with details and instructions about your scheduled appointment.
  • In preparation for your session, please view your retirement benefit income (UCRP estimate) on UCRAYS.
  • Review your investments and retirement savings balances on
During your appointment
  • Your appointment will be held via Zoom meeting  and may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. 
  • Please attend your session using a screen that is larger than your mobile device (iPad, laptop or desktop computer).
  • If preferred, you may have a guest join your scheduled appointment.
  • During your Zoom meeting with one of our RASC retirement counselors, you can ask questions ranging from estate planning to which retirement option(s) work best for you.
After your appointment
  • Following your appointment, you will receive a secure email of any documents discussed during your session.
  • If you still need guidance, you will have the option to schedule a follow-up session.

Learn more about the retirement journey

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